Man finds funny way to return someone’s ID

We’ve all done it. You go out for the night, or to work, or just about anywhere if you’re that sort of person, then later on you realise that something that you definitely need is missing.

If you’re lucky enough to look under 25 – to quote a well-known sign/campaign – you will need, for example, your ID to get a drink at most reputable bars.

Well, one good, upstanding citizen, Nick Ward, found some poor soul’s ID outside his mate’s flat and tried his best to return it to her as soon as possible.

The only problem was, Nick appear to be somewhat worse for wear as he was trying to send her card back to her. That meant that he accidentally sent her a picture of himself, followed by a message saying that he had the card, followed by a selection of hilarious pictures of himself in various poses and with increasingly bizarre props.

Nick saisd that “The ID was outside my friends flat, I initially sent the picture I sent before which was an accident then it just sort of spiralled into taking the most ridiculous pictures I could.

“My pals helped with the props and the actual taking of the pictures. It turns out that one of my friends who was sleeping when all this was going on works with the girl, so she is going to give her the ID back in work tomorrow.

“I’ve not done this before. It was just a spur of the moment thing, she did reply but didn’t say much, I think it’s all been taken well and she finds it all funny.”

She’s presumably just happy to get her ID back. Also, what exactly are you supposed to say when confronted with a barrage of inexplicable pictures like that?

I suspect you say thanks and chalk the whole strange affair up to experience.

I think we can all agree that Nick was just trying to be a nice guy. Fair play, Nick


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